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Kam is crazy! it gets better every time man. I really see this guy doing big things and I am just appreciative to even see the magic.

Marquis Grissom Jr ( College Baseball star)


If I had to rate his magic tricks and his delivery I would rate it 1000000/10, his magic is mind-blowing. Had me pondering days after on he did the tricks that he did! Such an amazing person! I hope he makes it huge soon I'd love to see him on tv !!!

Maliya Perry ( Dayton woman's


File_000 (57).jpeg

The magic show was great, I've never really experienced magic before like that. But he done a great job interacting and making sure that he was heard over the live! Made sure all the tricks were easily seen and announced!

Dennis Barnes ( Utep Football)

College Athlete Reviews (2): Testimonials
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